Hey, I'm Millena👋 

I am a 17-year-old changemaker and youngest Brazilian Forbes 30 Under 30 innovator. Founder of the Brazilian largest social project dedicated to preparing students for scientific olympiads.  I'm also conducting research on biomedical engineering to help with the diagnosis of Autism.  I am a Science Activist and Scholar Researcher in Brazilian and US Programs. I am developing innovations for education and health, while empowering Brazilians to do the same.  I have also been featured in Forbes, Glamour, and Globo. 😀🔎

entrepreneur • innovator • changemaker  • scientist 

About me 

🏆I was named the youngest Forbes Under 30 by the prestigious Forbes Organization in the 'Science and Education' category

🏅 I founded the largest Brazilian NGO about science olympiads.

💻I qualified to represent Brazil at the IOAI 2024 (Bulgaria).

🧩 I developed a software using artificial intelligence to diagnose autism. This project was chosen to represent Brazil in Turkey during the ICYS, the 3rd biggest science fair in the world.

✨I was the winner of the Prudential Emerging Visionaries Award: I earned a fully-paid trip to New York to represent Brazil in the "Emerging Visionaries Prize"

🎙️I was invited to speak at B3 (the Brazilian Stock Exchange); Hotmart FIRE Festival (the largest Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Digital Marketing Event in Latin America) and at 'The Noite com Danilo Gentili' (the biggest talk show in Brazil, the fourth biggest nighttime talk show in the world, and the largest Brazilian entertainment channel with over 1 billion views.).

😲I've been featured in two books: Lumos and The Future is STEM

🔬 I was a finalist in a prize given by the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science (SBPC).

🌎I was accepted with full scholarships in +10 international high school programs, including Stanford, Yale and the University of Toronto. 

🥇I won +38 awards in science olympiads, and was invited to speak at various events. My favorite area is tech and science: I have 2 🥇 in the National Science Olympiad, 2 🥇 in the Brazilian Tech Olympiad, 1 🥇 in Brazilian Informatics Olumpiad and 1 🥇 in Brazilian Artificial Intelligence Olympiad.


Social Engaged⚡️ 

I am the founder of Prep Olimpíadas (the largest Olympic NGO in Brazil, which prepares students for national Olympiads), where I have already impacted +100.000 students and engaged over 300 volunteers throughout Brazil. She also founded and is the director of the National Science Conference, which involves hundreds of students from all over Brazil annually. She is also a member of the coordination team in the organization Lidere-se, which empowers girls in the field of technology. In this organization, she has represented Brazil in a UN program (CONCAUSA) and has spoken at the National Conference on Gender Equity (CNEG), with the support of the Secretary of Education of Rio de Janeiro.  Finalist in the Prudential Emerging Visionaries Award. 

Tech Girl👩‍💻 

Due to my work in the Technovation Girls Global tournament, I was selected to be one of the 8 national ambassadors. I have contributed with +4 apps for various programming competitions. She was the first Brazilian to receive a full scholarship for an Extension Program at the University of Toronto (2021), as well as for a program for girls in physics and programming at Stanford (2022), and a 12-week course at UWC (United World Colleges) on Science, Progress, and Society (2022). 

Researcher and Innovator 🔬 

My main cause is to help people with neurodegenerative problems.  I participate actively in science fairs with my projects: a finalist at FEBIC 2022 (Brazilian Fair of Scientific Initiation); 1st place in the Innovation Marathon of FBJC 2022 (Brazilian Fair of Young Scientists); finalist in FECITEC 2022 (Fair of Science, Technology, Education, and Culture), and exhibitor at the IV Symposium of Post-Graduation 2022 (UFV); 2nd place at FECITEC 2023. 

SciOlympiad Medalist🏅 

38 awards in Olympiads, including: 1st place overall in the Brazilian Olympiad in Informatics (OBI) and Technology (OBT) for two times in a row; gold medal in Brazilian AI Olympiad; two gold medals in the Astronomy Olympiad (OBA) and two gold medals at National Science Olympiad (ONC); gold in the International Mathematical Without Borders Olympiad (OISMF) and 4th place in the Singapore Computational Thinking Olympiad (DrCT), as well as in three other International STEM Olympiads.

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