Forbes Under 30

One of the five youngest Brazilians in Forbes history to receive the Under 30 award. The youngest in all of Forbes history to be recognized in the ‘Science and Education’ category. 

Gold Medalist in Brazilian AI Olympiad 

Celeritas, the Brazilian AI Olympiad. 

Awarded by Brazilian Society of Progress and Science 

Finalist in Carolina Bori Prize for Girls in Science: Recognized as one of the most prominent girls in science by Brazilian Society of Progress and Science (SBPC) 

2x Finalist in the category "Pioneer" at Go Girls Prize 

Recognized as 1 of the 5 most pioneer  Brazilian girls in Science (for two times in a row)

OBT 2021.pdf

1st place for 2 years in a row on Brazilian Technology Olympiad (OBT) 

Carried out by ITA (the most prestigious technology institution in Brazil) and MIT. First place among over 100 teams: team leader, ideator, and creator of the prototype; received R$ 2500. 

4th place in the Computer Thinking Olympiad in Singapore (DR CT) and at American Maths Olympiad (AMO)

Winned the category of 4th place out of +200 Brazilians in DrCT, a contest that assists students in improving coding skills with robotics and design thinking.

Selected to be part of BRASA 

BRASA, the association of Brazilian students abroad, has the mission of empowering the next generation of Brazilian leaders for a better country.

Scholar at Daqui pra Fora with 10.000 scholarship by Lemann Foundation

Out of a pool of over 500 candidates, I had the honor of being chosen as one of the top 5 candidates.

0_Certificado 1º Lugar da Trilha Khan Academy (Educação) - Millena Xavier Martins (1).pdf

1st place in the Innovation Marathon at the Brazilian Young Scientists Fair 

Best solution to increase teachers' engagement with the Khan Academy platform.

UofT 2021.pdf

University of Toronto's Outreach Program Participant

First international student to receive a scholarship to attend the Outreach Program from the Global Engineering Challenge.

Polygence Scholar (US Research Program)

The unique student of BRASA (Brazilian Association) to be selected as a scholar at Polygence.

Stanford Program for Inspiring the Next Generation of Women in Physics (SPINWIP)

The unique Brazilian student at the cohort.

Science Olympiad Awards (38)

🥇Gold OBIA (Brazilian AI Olympiad) 

🥇Gold ONC 2023 (National Science Olympiad)

🥇Gold ONC 2022 (National Science Olympiad)

🥇Gold OBI (1st place overall in Brazil) and invited to the Olympic Week 2021 (Brazilian Informatics Olympiad)

🥇Gold OBT 2022 (1st place overall in Brazil)  (Brazilian Technology Olympiad)

🥇Gold OBT 2023 (Brazilian Technology Olympiad) 

🥇Gold Medalist in Brazilian AI Olympiad (Celeritas)

🥇FBJC Innovation marathon

🥇Gold OISMF International and National 2021 (International Math Olympiad)

🥇Gold IFOMAT (1st place overall in Brazil)

🥇Gold Brics Math 2021

🥇Gold OBEF 2020

🥇Gold OBA 2020 (Brazilian Astronomy Olympiad)

🥇Gold OBA 2021 (Brazilian Astronomy Olympiad)

🥇Gold MOBFOG REAL 2020 (Rockets Exhibition)

🥇Gold MOBFOG REAL 2021 (Rockets Exhibition)

🥇Gold MOBFOG VIRTUAL 2020 (Rockets Exhibition)

🥇Gold Spelling Bee GEDUC 2020

🥇Gold POCKET AGRO 2020

🥈Silver Sapientia 2022 (Olympiad of the Future)

🥈Silver MOBFOG Virtual 2021

🥈Silver Interdisciplinary Ninja Championship 2021

🥈Silver OTM 2020

🥈Silver LBM Closed 2021

🥈Silver OBEF 2021

🥈Silver OTM 2021

🥉Bronze ONC 2021

🥉Bronze OBQjr 2021

🥉Bronze LBM Dissertative 2021

🥉Bronze OBMEP 2021

📜 Honorable Mention OBMEP 2022

📜 Honorable Mention OBMEP 2019

📜 Honorable Mention Mandacaru 2021

📜 Honorable Mention BEES COMPETITION

📜 Honorable Mention DRCT (Singapore International Computational Thinking Olympiad)

📜 Honorable Mention TIMO (Thailand Math Olympiad)

📜 Honorable Mention AMO (American Math Olympiad)

📜 VANDA (International Science Competition)

📜 SASMO (Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad)